Huon Computer Solutions

Portfolio Highlights

These are not all the sites and WordPress plugins I’ve developed or worked on, but they’re the ones I’m most happy with.

Huon Computer Solutions

My own IT support business website. Mixes in the work my wife has done in Instagram, building an identity within our local area.

The Canton of Lightwood

The local medieval reenactment group. A recent rebuild, using the Septera theme. I also use that theme for other client sites: Moonah Mufflers, the work-in-progress Geeveston Pharmacy, and the Hobart branch of the same medieval group, the Barony of Ynys Fawr.

Huon Bush Retreats

Uses an older theme of my own devising. Warning: the colour scheme is all the client’s choice! Also incorporates a simple photo display plugin I developed.


A complete rebuild of the HuonFM website, with a plugin allowing non-tech-savvy radio staff to upload podcasts direct to the site.

Emerald Link

A WordPress microsite for The Wilderness Society. My major work for TWS was in Drupal, but thankfully that very ancient site has been replaced by something else since.

The SpreadEx plugin: Heralds Roster

A plugin that reads a Google Sheets spreadsheet, converts it to XML, passes that through an XSLT template, and inserts the resulting HTML at a WordPress shortcode. The result is surprisingly versatile.  An expanded version formed the basis of a WordPress/Drupal/Joomla plugin for a couple of folk festivals.

The Ballista plugin

Evolved from SpreadEx, this is a work in progress for the medieval society that reads a Google Sheet spreadsheet and cross-references with three other databases, generating a Roll of Arms and several other related pages.

Builder for TWS

A now-forgotten non-WordPress tool that allowed me to generate HTML emails from a simple templating language. Sadly, the staff members I taught to use it also moved on not long after I left the organisation.