Huon Computer Solutions

Business Web Sites

If you’re a typical small business owner, you know you need a web site but you haven’t got one yet.  Web sites aren’t solid, well-defined objects.  They can be tricky to pin down.  You know you need one because everyone says you do, but you don’t quite… know… how…

So let me help you there.  I can build you a web site and knock that great big item off your TODO list.  You could be up and running in a week.  Here’s just need to ask yourself some questions.

What is your web site for?

An easy one to start with. Your web site is to connect you to customers.  Some customers will find you via a Google search or on social media.  If your web site is easy to find and has everything relevant right there in one place, you’ve got yourself a customer.  That’s the goal.

How flashy and exciting should it be?

If you want a flashy, exciting website with lots of sound and fury, I can’t help you. I do web sites that achieve a goal.  Nothing I do will ever win an Oscar or a Guinness World Record.  While other sites are out there making people go “wow” and “gosh” and “what were they thinking?”, the sites I build are busy just doing their job.

How do you reach customers?

If you customers are over thirty, they’re already on Facebook.  Under 30, they’re on Instagram.  So we integrate your web site with your social media, and part of the ongoing process of connecting to customers means keeping your social media social.  Part of what I do is teaching you to achieve that.

What should your web site do?

Either you want to bring customers into your shop or office, or you want to sell things to them online.  That’s two different flavours of web site right there.

A brochure site exists to tell people about your business and point them in your direction. The social media aspects are important here, but first you need a site to say who you are, where you are, what you do and when you do it.  For the vast majority of businesses, this is the key.  All the other stuff is expendable.

A commerce site exists to sell things directly.  It has inventory, product lists, a shopping cart, payment systems and all that stuff. It’s complicated.  It also happens to be something I can help you set up, but you need to ask yourself: is it what you need?  If it is, let’s go for it.  But if it isn’t, it will waste huge amounts of time chasing it.  Choose wisely!

What sort of site does Huon Computer Solutions build?

Take a look at some example companies. These are deliberately simple, straightforward sites for imaginary companies.  They demonstrate what I can put together in a very short time.  There are some options for design, but nothing wild.  Simple, direct and customer-focused, that’s the key.